Covid-19 Info

Travelling to Finland

Here you will find practical travel information for international travelers planning to visit Finland during the coronavirus pandemic.

Viada Tours and all our travel service providers are complying to all health guidelines to ensure a safe and memorable travel experience to Finland.

Latest update: 01.02.2022

Please NOTE: Due to the spread of the coronavirus, travel restrictions can change rapidly.

For information about entry requirements please check the Finnish Government’s COVID-19 webpage

Travelling from EU or Schengen countries to Finland

As of 01.02.2022 there are no entry restrictions on internal border traffic within the EU or Schengen area. However, all passengers arriving in Finland are required to present certificates laid down in the Communicable Diseases Act and comply with the decisions made by the Regional State Administrative Agencies on compulsory health examinations.

More information: please refer these websites:
Finnish Border Guard & Finnish institute for health and welfare.

Travelling from outside of the EU or Schengen area to Finland Restrictions on external border traffic will continue until 14.02.2022. Passengers may be granted entry into Finland from any country if they present:

  • a certificate of having received complete vaccination series of valid COVID-19 vaccination at least 7 days prior to entry. Please click here to check approved vaccines. OR
  •  a single certificate that the person has recovered from COVID-19 virus and has one dose of vaccine. This is equated to a complete COVID-19 vaccination series. OR
  •  EU digital COVID certificate that proves the person has recovered from covid-19 within 6 months. The COVID certificate can be issued from countries which have joined the EU Digital COVID Certificate system. Click here for list of countries.

In addition to the mentioned requirements, the person must present a negative COVID-19 test result of less than 48 hours. The result of a PCR or an Antigen test is accepted.

All the above-mentioned requirements apply to persons born in 2006 or earlier.

Travelling with minors

Persons who meet the requirements above may enter Finland accompanied by minor children. Children are also required to have a COVID-19 vaccination certificate and a negative COVID-19 test result. These requirements apply to minors born in 2006 or earlier. Children born 2007 or later do not have to take part in any health security measures. Check the current health safety guidelines on Finnish institute for health and welfare website.

COVID-19 testing in Finland

Testing on arrival:

If you need to take COVID-19 test when arriving in Finland please refer to the FINENTRY

Testing for departure:

If you feel sick when travelling in Finland and want to be tested or if you need a test for returning to
your home country, here is a list of private operators.

Helsinki-Vantaa airport:

  • Finnair
  • 9Lives

Other locations in Helsinki region:

  • 9lives
  • Pihlajalinna
  • Terveystalo
  • Mehiläinen

Services for travelers

Restrictions on opening hours of food and beverage service businesses will continue until the end of March. Read more from here.

This map indicates the opening times of restaurants, coffee shops and bars in different regions of Finland. This information is updated every

Health and safety measures

General health and safety measures regarding coronavirus in Finland include avoiding physical contact, maintaining safety distance from other people and observing good hand and respiratory hygiene. Finnish health authorities require the use of face masks in public transport and recommend using it in situations where it is difficult to maintain safety distances from other people.

If you suspect that you might contracted COVID-19, use the Coronavirus symptom checker to first assess your condition, if possible. If the symptom checker advises you to contact a health care professional, call the national Medical Helpline at tel. 116 117.

If your travel insurance includes medical insurance, please contact the healthcare provider mentioned in the policy.

Finland´s nationwide emergency number is 112. Call the emergency number only in genuine emergency situations. In an emergency, you will be treated even if you do not have a municipality of residence in Finland. The possible medical costs can be collected from you afterwards. The emergency number can be called free of charge from any phone. No area code is needed.